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Gunung Kawi Temple

bali tour to gunung kawi temple tegallalang - best price today
Gunung Kawi Temple is totally a shame because the temple was a historical place and really attract many domestic and international tourists. The temple located at Sebatu, Tampaksiring district that exists from Ubud to the north in 10km. It is not large so much, however, it is a quiet temple to which surroundings were enclosed by the forest. There is a fountain where the clear water that is called “Holy fountain” begins to spring in the temple. Bad king Maya Denawa was defeated at the army of Dewa Indra because of the fight that happened in Tampaksiring village.

Then, bad king Maya Denawa ran away to Subatu village on the west side in Tampaksiring village. All villagers were frighteningly because of the appearance of Bad king Maya Denawa, and ran away from the village at that time. God Vishnu of water saw confusion of people on Sebatu village. People who ran away from this village were neither the eaten one nor the drinking water, and were embarrassed very much. Then, Vishnu gave the spring water for them. And, the souls including Vishnu challenged Maya Denawa to a fight. The bad king Maya Denawa to whom the forces had already failed was driven to Petanu river, and killed.

The villagers built a small shrine in the place in a present temple for savior Vishnu. It is said that this is a starting point of Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu. The temple is like the park, and there is settled quiet, atmosphere. A lot of fish are swimming in the fountain in the temple. Feelings are healed when is in this temple that overflows in beautiful water and green. The sound where the spring water flows to the having a bath place is very comfortable. Water clears completely and it is popular as the temple where holy water springs up to people. Local and tourist’s lovers are often seen to feel time pass peacefully.

This temple is 15 minutes by car from Pura Tirta Empul. It is recommended to stop by this temple by all means if going to Pura Tirta Empul. It will be healed very much by this temple done remaining quiet very much in a relaxed manner.

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