Air Sanih Hot Spring

Air sanih nature hot spring - bali full day tour

Air Sanih Hot Spring located 17 km from Singaraja, the cool seashore attraction offers a tranquil black sand beach, which is enjoyable for swimming. The main attraction of Air Sanih is a natural swimming pool of fresh water upsurge from an underground spring. Since 1930, Air Sanih has been well known as a tourist attraction for locals. People believe that the water comes from Lake Batur, and thereโ€™s a temple by the pool dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Fresh sea breezes and stunning vista over the Bali Strait make a tranquil atmosphere. A perfect site for snorkeling is also available about 500 meters out. On the hill, Taman Manik Mas Temple offers a stunning architectural style. Another attraction located seven km from Air Sanih is the ancient Ponjok Batu Temple, surrounded by hills, valleys and frangipani trees. Nearby the beach is a freshwater springs, bubbling up from the sand and running into the sea.

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